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Resume For William Moussiaux

Key Qualifications

Operating Systems - DOS 3.3-6.2, OS/2 1.2-4.0 + Server, Windows 1.0-3.11 & Win95,98, NT 4.0 - NT 2000 + Server, Novel 3.12, 4.1, SCO & Linux UNIX.

Advanced knowledge of DOS, OS/2, Windows and NT. This includes config.sys and autoexec.bat files, batch files, INI and other configuration files and installing above mentioned operating systems.

Hardware - IBM PC - Pentium, IBM Industrial 7552. Knowledge of fore mentioned hardware includes internal operation and repair, replacement and configuration of boards.
Metrobus Electronic Controls, Data Radios, Motorola Radios, GE Radios, NCR 7780 & NCR 7731 Transports.

Programming Languages - Assembly, Basic, C/C++ (Microsoft & IBM Visuals), C#, MFC, Clipper, FoxPro, Pascal, Html, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL
Programming under DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/98/NT and UNIX.
Main programming focus is MFC, C++, C# under Windows/NT

Software - WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Orcad, Tango and others.


Lock 4 Software (Programming Contract Firm) October 2000 to Present
Frederick, MD.

Owner/Software Engineer
* Contract based C/C++/C# programming and design under Windows 95/98/NT and OS/2.

* Provide custom designed and developed software programs and system enhancements of current client systems on an off-site bases.

* Onsite hardware consists of a Windows 2000 NT Server, Web Servers, Email Servers, NT 2000, Win98, OS/2 and Linux desktop computers with a wireless internet connection.

Netvantage Inc (Remittent Processing Firm) November 1996 to October 2000
Gaithersburg, MD.

Senior Systems Engineer
* Responsibilities included determine client requirements, customizing C/C++ source code and configuration files, installation, training, customer support, maintenance and advising on system enhancements while also making major development changes to base system.

* Developed several client/server image applications including a web based image/data retrieve program under NT as well as scanner support using LeadTools, Hyperfax and SCSI using C/C++.

* Have converted base system from Microsoft OS/2 / Windows 16 bit Compiler to IBM OS/2 / Windows 16 bit Compiler then to Microsoft Visual C then to Microsoft Visual C++.

* Base code was multi platform, OS/2, Windows 16 bit and Windows 32 bit up until the Visual C++ conversion.

Microlog Corporation (Voice Processing Firm) June 1994 to November 1996
Germantown, MD.

Project Engineer
* Responsibilities include client contact to determine customer's needs, designing and writing voice processing software application to client's specifications, on-site installation of computer system and software. Manage four to six projects simultaneously.

* System development using Generations UNIX Voice Processing Software. This language is similar to today's visual languages with user functions written in 'C'.

* Voice processing system is written in a DOS based priority matrix type of scripting language developed and maintained by Microlog. Software interfaces with Dialog voice cards and Brooktrout Fax cards.

Farradyne Systems Inc., (Transportation Consulting Firm) August 1987 to June 1994
Rockville, MD.

Systems Engineer
* Responsible for programming of specialized software systems under OS/2, Windows and Unix, in-house computer systems installations and maintenance, and hardware prototype development. Installed, configured and supervised the FSI Novel local area network. Also maintained in-house PBX phone system and voice mail system both in software and hardware/wiring. Configured and maintained company's electronic bulletin board system (BBS).

General Information and Accomplishments
* Knowledgeable in programming from specifications and low-level design documents as well as determining what the client wants and needs. Ability to estimate job time and equally task manage several projects at once. Possess ability to diagnose application problems and implement fixes in a timely manner as well as working totally independently or in a team environment with fellow employs or client/third parties.

* Have traveled extensively in the United States on business trips ranging from one day to two months. During such travels, have installed computer systems and other related hardware and software, trained computer operators, conducted and supervised various traffic survey, and participated in and ran various client meetings.

* Designed layout and installed office cabling system which consisted of twisted pair Ethernet cabling for the telephone system, local area network and serial communications. Also supervised the installation of fiber optic cabling to interconnect computer systems on different floors.

* Configured and maintained a BBS dedicated to OS/2 (The OS/2 Mistress BBS). The BBS consists of a Novel network, four phone lines and an ISDN Internet connection. The OS/2 Mistress provided telnet access in/out, News, Web and FTP servers all running under two OS/2 machines, and multiple e-mail domains running under Linux. The BBS was also a FidoNet Hub for the Frederick Area currently with 4 - 6 nodes (other local BBS's) receiving mail and message echoes daily.

* Currently provide web and email hosting along with dial-up internet service for small businesses and individuals.

* Have written several programs under the Shareware and Freeware concepts, including an OS/2 Full Screen Keyboard Buffer Stuffer (KbStuffer).

* Designed and programmed data acquisitions software package for hand-held laptops such as the Paravont and HP-95 for Ameritech Inc., Frederick, Maryland.

* Have been active with the local dart league of 300 active shooters, Western Maryland Dart Association (WMDA) for over eight years holding such positions as team captain, Class B and Class A board of directories and president.

Maryland University 1989 - 1993
Classes in structural programming techniques and programming in 'C'.

National Institute of Technology January 1984 to October 1986
Degree in Electronic Engineering
Course studies included both digital and analog electronics, advanced course concentration on Microprocessor Technology in an industrial applications environment.

Kent State University September 1983 to October 1984
Studies in Mathematics, Computer Usage, Sociology and Public Communications.

Self-instruction in advanced electronics, circuit board design and numerous software programming languages and packages.

Various training seminars and classes on computer software development packages and issues concerning the electronic bulletin board industry.

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