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Design and Development

From small, simple, no frills programs to client/server based applications, Lock 4 Software will work with you to design the application that is right for your needs unlike the off the shelf products.

Next, we will develop your application using either MicroSoft C, C++ or C# depending on your requirements or the language that is determined to be the best for your application.

The application will be delievered at various stages to verify you are getting what you want and that it will work under your work environment. Just because it works for the programmer does not mean it will work on all systems.

The final application will be tested, debugged and tested again to make the application as bug free as possible.

After your product has been installed, we will continue to support the application to insure all problems have been found and fixed.

All source code will be provided and remain in your possession. Lock 4 Software will not resale any clients source code.

At anytime through the development cycle, changes and alterations can be made. No design is set in stone. We know that sometime what you think you want is not necessarily what you need.

On site Web/Email/FTP servers connected via 800k wireless internet, insures that communications and software delivery or online testing is accomplished.


While we have other programing skills then listed, these are among our strongest points.

* Client/Server Architecture. In Web Based applications and non.
* Imaging suppport applications.(Scanners,LeadTools,HyperFax)
* Compiler convertions. Converting program from one compiler to another.
* Remittent Processing. Banking and collections. Scanning of MICR,OCR and imaging
* MicroSoft Sql Database
* MFC and OPPS


While our primary focus is with MicroSoft C/C++/C#, we also have a basic or working knowledge of:

* Assembly
* Basic. Both Visual and non
* IBM C Compiler
* Clipper
* Foxpro
* Pascal
* Web Page Design (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS)

Sample work and source code, can be viewed online.
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