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Contract Programmer

Why should you use a contract progammer?

* One more progammer is needed to finish a project. After project is completed, you do not have to keep paying for a full time employee.
* Would like to have an in house programmer but do not have enough work for a full time employee.
* Would rather pay as you go while designing and developing a software product.
* You do not have to worry about taxes, insurance or benifits.
* Pay for only work performed not for an in house programmer trying to waking up or get over a hangover.

Short and long term contract programming is availabe.

Contract programming will be performed by the owner, William Moussiaux, unless specified in advance. William Moussiaux's current resume, sample work and source code, can be viewed online.


While we have other programing skills then listed, these are among our strongest points.

* Client/Server Archutexture. In Web Based applications and non.
* Imaging suppport applications.(Scanners,LeadTools,HyperFax)
* Comiler convertions. Converting progam from one compiler to another.
* Remittent Processing. Banking and collections. Scanning of MICR,OCR and imagaing
* MicroSoft Sql Database
* MFC and OPPS


While our primary focus is with MicroSoft C/C++/C#, we also have a basic or working knowledge of:

* Assembly
* Basic. Both Visual and non
* IBM C Compiler
* Clipper
* Foxpro
* Pascal
* Web Page Design (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS)
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